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Translations between Czech and English

Do you need a proper, human translation*  from Czech (or Slovak) into English or maybe vice versa?

*Nowadays retronymously also referred to as a ‘transcreation’

See my translator's credentials.

Typical me amusing myself with fungi, wearing inappropriate footwear in a leech-ridden Vietnamese jungle.

Publication services

Do you need some help with getting somehing out and published, be it a paper, dissertation, annual report or book?

I can help you out various ways aside from language editing.

Also, I'm a long-term extensive user of LaTeX if you need your document typesetting at a professional level.

English language editing

Looking for someone experienced, knowledgeable and meticulous to go over your important text?

See my copy editor's credentials.

Website building

Are you looking for someone to make you a nice, modern, typographically sound, SEO-honed and feature-rich personal or business website?

See my portfolio of running websites / ERP systems, ranging from small to rather extensive.

My background is in science

I hold a master's degree in biology from the Faculty of Science at Charles University in Prague

Unfortunately, I dropped out of my doctoral studies in plant systematics when I realized that I had two kids (with another botanist) yet still lived in my parents' house. 

Since then, I have always stayed in extensive contact with science, as the bulk of the work I do concerns scientific manuscripts.

I'm experienced

Being as old as I am and having been doing pretty much the same thing as now since about 2007, I think it can be safely said that there is already some experience behind me.

Over the years I have worked on texts from a myriad of scientific fields and a good range of business areas.

Papers that I process are regularly published in high-impact journals

Since February 2023 I am one of two scientific editors working at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences (IOCB Prague). If you or one of your co-authors are anyhow affiliated with IOCB Prague, I'm here for you to edit or translate your manuscript for free as part of my daily job.

As a freelancer, I take jobs from groups and individuals from a host of universities and research institutes. 

I'm a tech freedom nerd

In my daily work, I take advantage of sophisticated tools such as OmegaT and various advanced parsers and lint tools. My favourite editor is Emacs and I use Emacs keybindings everywhere I can, including LibreOffice, which is part of the reason why I can work so efficiently.

Of course, all my infrastructure (such as Nextcloud and this Odoo website) runs on Debian GNU/Linux on servers under my full control for data safety.

Nevertheless, you won't find me relying on algorithms instead of my brain or chatting to sorts like GPT, and that's not only because we profoundly dislike each other.

Recently, I have translated or corrected texts, for example, in the following fields: computer-aided drug design · drug delivery · drug discovery · enzyme biochemistry · enzyme chemistry · mathematical molecular modelling · metabolic engineering · fundamental molecular biology · peptide pharmacochemistry · physical chemistry · physiochemistry · plant metabolomics · protein biochemistry · radiopharmacochemistry · structural membrane biology · synthetic organic chemistry · virology · quantum chemistry · plant cytogenomics · archaeology of Great Moravia · Arctic dendrochronology · plant population biology · plant taxonomy · palaeontology of Tertiary and Quaternary sediments · plant physiological ecology · biogeography · evolution of polyploids · environmental toxicology · . . .

My references

My most frequent customers are affiliated with the following institutions:

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