• Hello world (again)!

    Welcome to my new website. I’m developing it and adding content gradually in my spare time, of which I have very little. In the meantime you can view my personal photo gallery, which is also under construction. Please contact me via e-mail, telephone or Signal (using the same number) or any way you like.

  • A note on the en dash

    Very manuscripts I edit contain dashes, such as en dashes (–), and if they do, they are usually unintentional or used incorrectly. Usually, authors just use the hyphen for everything, including the minus symbol. Only occasionally do I see correctly placed en dashes denoting ranges (e.g. 2–4, September – October). However, en dashes should be […]

  • Simple language switcher for WordPress with the free version of Polylang

    Building a multilanguage website with WordPress is not as easy as one might think. I’ve decided to build this one using the free version of the Polylang plugin. Refusing to pay for the pro version of this plugin, I had to do the following to get a simple language switcher: The function (placed in the […]