Hi, I'm Fred

– your paid best friend when it comes to publication-quality English

This website is under construction and parts of it are still missing, broken or ugly.

My name is Frederick Rooks and I'm a biologist by degree, copy editor of an impact journal, and freelance translator and reviser.

I specialize in editing and improving English texts, translating from Czech to English, and assisting people, mainly from universities and research institutes, in getting out their papers, dissertations, books, presentations and what not. Please let me know what I can do for you.

My activities can be divided into the following, albeit often overlapping, categories:

Editing services

Looking to get a manuscript up to scratch language-wise?

Translation services

Needing a translation between Czech and English?

Copywriting, documentation writing and other services

From brand communication to delivering comprehensible technical documentation, I've done it all.

The need for
clear language has never been greater.

Contact me


Nesvačily u Berouna, 267 27 Liteň, Czechia


+420 777 125 227