Fred Rooks

Your good old friend when it comes to publication-quality English

In need of a translation, a language revision, or advice on English in science, technology or advertising?

Over the years I have gained a lot of experience translating and improving texts from the following fields:

  • biology – mainly botany and microbiology
  • vegetation, soil and landscape ecology, agriculture, and gardening
  • paleosciences, geomorphology and geography
  • computing, Free Software and web/mobile applications
  • tourism and advertising

Write to me at , and I will do my best to help you achieve your goal or resolve your problem. After all, this is what I do all the time.

  • I understand your science or am prepared to become acquainted with it while working on your text. How can anyone work on a text he or she doesn't fully grasp?
  • I know your language, or at least the basics, and am familiar with the idiosyncrasies of your English writing.
  • I work with code. My computer skills go far beyond office suite applications. Do you require editing or creation of (La)TeX documents, source code, internationalization (i18n) or localization (l10n) files or the use of Git, for example? No problem.
  • I always do everything myself and never delegate any job to anyone else. I provide the same top quality of service to everyone and am the sole person responsible for the result.
  • I'm always here for you. I don't merely work on assignments but am prepared to answer questions, give advice or help out with something or other at any time (e.g., after your paper gets reviewed) without charging extra.
I don't charge a fixed rate for my work. Every job is different, so fixed rates are unfair. Some papers only need straightforward proofreading, while others require lots of labourious refactoring, so to say. I am aware of the prices offered by others and keep my pricing very competitive. The price for my work is always negotiable, I calculate it before I start working, and it is payable after you are satisfied with the result.

This calendar will soon indicate how busy I am or expect to be in the coming week or so.